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Mission Style Beds

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    The Troyer Ridge Mission Bed features bold posts and slatted headboard and footboard.

  • Rockport Bed
    SKU: TR-TR2100
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    The Rockport Bed features a bold headboard and footboard that is sure to make a statement in any bedroom.

  • Mission Antique Bed
    SKU: TR-TR1001
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    The Mission Antique Bed offers the comforting look of the traditional Mission style. Snuggle up at night inside this bed.

  • Lane Shaker Bed
    SKU: TR-TR8038
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    The Lane Shaker Bed embodies the Mission style with defined sides. The Lane Shaker Bed features slats on both the headboard and footboard.

  • Heirloom Mission Bed
    SKU: TR-TR8001
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    The Heirloom Mission Bed features bold panels on both the headboard and footboard. Its quality is built just like the name, to be heirloom quality.

  • Edenburg Bed
    SKU: TR-TR8031
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    The Edenburg Bed features a county home feel with some modern flair. It offers a low sitting footboard with a slatted headboard.

  • Carlisle Shaker Bed
    SKU: TR-TR5000
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    The Carlisle Shaker bed encompasses arched panels on both the headboard and footboard.

  • Brookfield Bed
    SKU: TR-TR3001
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    The Brookfield Bed features a impressive headboard that is sure to be the center of any bedroom.

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    The Bow Ridge Mission Bed features the traditional Mission look with slats on top of the headboard.

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    The Amish Country Deluxe Mission Bed features bold panels and a powerful presence in any bedroom.

  • Royal Mission Bed
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    The Royal Mission Bed features stunning beauty. With both a slatted headboard and footboard gives the Royal Mission bed the classic Mission look.

  • Mission Bed
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    The Mission bed is your traditional Mission styled bed. The Mission bed features slats on both the headboard and footboard. Built to last generations.