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Lynchburg Trestle Table

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From an old weathered barn to a beautiful Lynchburg Trestle Table. Reclaimed wood can have knots, gouges, cracks, and has mixed Oak species and are “as is”.

  • Reclaimed barnwood can have knots, gouges, cracks, and has mixed "Oak" species and are "as is". Stains will vary more often on barnwood.


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  • You can view larger samples on our Stains and Finishes page. Each monitor is different and may skew stain colors.


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From an old weathered barn to a beautiful Lynchburg Trestle Table. Old Barns have always been a rich part of American History and without a doubt were at one time “The family gathering place” as the family gathered to milk the cows and feed the farm animals. These old gathering places are being transformed to a new gathering place where friends and family can sit down and share a meal on a piece of American History that would undoubtedly have many a memory to share and story to tell.

When you invest in a beautiful reclaimed barnwood table you are not only investing in a table that will become a family heirloom, but you are also saving a piece of American History from rotting away to a heap of rubble. Every old barn that is rescued from ruin also saves an average of 35 trees from being harvested.


  • „ 1 5/8″ thick reclaimed barn wood top „ Mission edge „
  • 16″ leaves on end of table „
  • Reclaimed barn wood base with levelers „
  • Reclaimed wood can have knots, gouges, cracks, and has mixed “Oak” species and are “as is”


  • 42″W x 62″L
  • 42″W x 74″L
  • 48″W x 62″L
  • 48″W x 74″L
  • 62″L table will fit 1 chair per side
  • Solid Top or 2-16″ leaves on ends


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How Does Self Storing Leaves Work?

Here at Amish Direct Furniture we believe each table that is able to self store leaves should have that ability which is why we make it standard on every table we do. Self storing is typically an extra cost but we include it for you at no cost!

In an effort to clear up some confusion that can go with self storing tables, we are providing a general list of table sizes, shape and styles where self storing works or does not work.The list below shows how self storing works on different sizes. If you want it different, during the checkout step under Order Notes specify there on how you would want your leaves. Always keep in mind when you are choicing a table with self storing, there are two major factors in self storing:

  1. Pedestal or trestle base mounting plate size and spacing
  2. The length of the table slide required to accommodate the amount of leaves needed for the table.

Here is one example of a very common size table that gets ordered self store, but it cannot self store four leaves: 42″ x 66″ OVAL, 4 leaves. Most people have a tendency to think that the three leaf version can self store all three of the leaves, so it shouldn’t be a problem to store four leaves on a four leaf table, however this does not work because for a four leaf table, our slide is 12″ longer than on a three leaf table, which forces our table makers to move the slides closer together so they fit between the table skirts. Then there is not enough space between the slides to store more than two leaves.

Here is a compiled list of table styles, shapes, and sizes showing just how many leaves can be self stored:


  • 36″ x 42″, 42″ x 42″ and 42″ x 48″ cannot store any leaves
  • Leg tables operate very similar to trestle tables on larger sizes.


  • 42″ x 60″ stores up to 4 leaves, ALL unskirted
  • 42″ x 66″ and 42″ x 72″ stores up to 4 leaves, 2 with skirts, 2 without
  • 48″ x 60″ stores up to 4 leaves, 2 with skirts, 2 without
  • 48″ x 66″ and 48″ x 72″ stores up to 4 leaves, ALL unskirted


  • 42″ x 60″–1, 2, 3 and 4 leaf tables can only self store 2 leaves BOTH without skirts
  • 42″ x 66″ and 42″ x 72″–1, 2, 3 and 4 leaf tables can only self store 2 leaves, 1 with skirt, 1 without. If a 2, 3, or 4 leaf table is ordered with self store, the last leaf will be unskirted.
  • 48″ x 60″ stores up to 4 leaves, 2 with skirt, 2 without
  • 48″ x 66″ and 48″ x 72″ stores up to 4 leaves, ALL unskirted


  • ALL square round double pedestal tables can self store up to 4 leaves, 2 with skirt, 2 without.


  • 42″ x 54″ stores up to 2 leaves, 1 with skirt, 1 without
  • 48″ x 54″–48″w leaf does not fit inside of a 54” long oval top
  • 42″ x 60″–1, 2 and 3 leaf oval tables store 2 leaves, 1 with skirt, 1 without
  • 42″ x 60″–1, 2 and 3 leaf banquet tables store 2 skirted leaves
  • 42″ x 60″–4 leaf table cannot store any leaves
  • 42″ x 66″–1, 2 and 3 leaf tables store up to 3 leaves, 2 with skirts, 1 without
  • 42″ x 66″–4 leaf table can store 2 leaves, 1 with skirt and 1 without.
  • 42″ x 72″–1, 2 and 3 leaf tables store up to 3 leaves, 2 with skirts, 1 without
  • 42″ x 72″–4 leaf table can only store 2 leaves, 1 with skirt, 1 without
  • 48″ x 60″–1, 2, and 3 leaf tables can only store 2 leaves, 1 with skirt, 1 without
  • 48″ x 60″–4 leaf table cannot store any leaves
  • 48″ x 66″–1, 2, and 3 leaf tables store up to 3 leaves, 2 with skirts, 2 without
  • 48″x 6″6–4 leaf table can only store 2 leaves, 1 with skirt, 1 without
  • 48″ x 72″ self stores up to 4 leaves, 2 with skirts, 2 without

Seating at Different Sized Tables

Whether you’re seating 10 people or just 4, you’re going to want to make sure the table you pick out size wise makes sense. Just because a 48″ round can sit 6 people doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best when it comes to sitting 6 people at all times. Below are some example table sizes and our recommendations for each size.

Round & Square Tables

When it comes to square or round tables, typically a 42″ and 48″ will be able to sit the same amount of people just like a 54″ and 60″ can. We have seen some diagrams that show a 48″ can sit 6 people. This is highly situational. The only way something like that is possible if it a pedestal style table. When you sit 6 people at that kind of size, it is a very tight fit as well.

Oval & Rectangular Tables

On any style table, a 42″W x 60″L can sit 4 people comfortably and a 42″W x 66″L or 42″W x 72″L will seat 6 people. Leg tables will be more constrained when it comes adding chairs due to the fact you lose your corners on each end.

On a 42″W x 60″L leg table you will typically only be able to sit 4 people at the table (1 on each end). Depending on the size of the legs, it may be possible to put 6 people around the table but this is rare and still may not be comfortable for everyone sitting. To 6 people around a leg table the minimum size is a 42″W x 66″L but the recommended size is a 42″W x 72″L as it is the most comfortable giving everyone enough leg and elbow space between each other.

When it comes to 42″W x 60″L trestle tables, you will be able to sit 4 people comfortably. Depending on the trestle base, you will only be able to push 4 chairs in all the way. This is the same when it comes to 42″W x 66″L trestle tables. A 42″W x 72″L will be able to push 6 chairs in under the table.


Typically, most tables come in a 42″ wide standard. You are able to increase that to a 48″ wide. This doesn’t increase the amount of people you can sit at your table. This just creates some extra leg room for those on the corners. The one thing to keep in mind when you increase the width, it can make it more difficult passing dishes and condiments. Rather than simply passing the salt, you might have to toss the salt.

Leaf Sizes

On smooth table tops, each leaf is 12″ wide. Whenever you have a planked table top, each leaf will be 16″ wide. Almost any table can come with leaves. The rule of thumb we like to use is for every 2-12″ leaves, you can sit an additional 2 people. This also applies to 1 leaf. When you add in one leaf, you’ll be able to add an additional person to each side.

When choosing out your width and length for your table, that is the size it will be before adding leaves.

IE: 42 x 60 + 2-12″ leaves = 42 x 84 when fully expanded.

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