Hey You! Stop Thinking The Amish Only Make Old Styled Furniture!

Wilmington Amish Trestle Table [Two Tone / Customer / Amish Direct Furniture]

We ran an article not to long ago mentioning the top 5 misconceptions about our furniture. In it, we went over things such as price of our furniture, how it is made, the length it takes to get the furniture, etc. There is one we left out on purpose because it’s to big to be […]

7 Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture Hilton Collection

No matter what you hear, the simple fact is that solid wood furniture represents a superior product. Veneer pieces can represent an okay choice if you plan to use them for a short period of time before discarding them. But solid wood is a durable and beautiful option that keeps on giving for years. Here […]