The Amish the past few decades have definitely made a name for themselves in the furniture industry. When someone hears that the furniture was “Amish made”, the first thing they typically think of is that it’s a quality piece. Amish made goods are now associated with quality craftsmanship, heirloom quality, and timeless designs. There are those who are trying to ride on the good name of the Amish for their own personal gain now. Don’t fall for these “Amish” knock off items.

Dutch Glow Amish Milk Wood Cleaner

Dutch Glow: Amish Wood Cleaner

First up on our list is Dutch Glow’s Amish Wood Cleaner. This “100 year old formula” is to help remove the natural wear and tear from your furniture to make it look new again. However, there is just one issue and that is there is no such thing as “Amish milk”. The Amish have no need for such a product because their items are already built with such quality. Be sure to check out the reviews  out on Amazon.

Heat Surge: Amish Heaters

Next up on our list is the Heat Surge Amish Heater. This “Amish” made heater was popular years ago claiming that is was a miracle heater. These things got so big they were even showcased on QVC. These heaters are notorious for breaking down quickly (something no Amish piece is known for) and the fact that the Amish who supposedly make these heaters are allowed to photograph is a dead give away. Take a look at what many others are saying about the heater.

We stand behind our builder’s craftsmanship and quality and it pains us to see so many try to sully their good name. So, please, do not fall for these scams. If you are looking to get a piece made by the Amish, be sure to do some research into the item before making that purchase decision.

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