Speciality Finishes

Our finishers use commercial grade stains and spray application to provide the most even and consistent color. To ensure great durability, a high quality, catalyzed varnish is also applied. This varnish has greater adhesion, hardness, and abrasion resistance than standard lacquers. This finishing system not only protects the surface of the table, but soaks into the wood providing additional protection.

Please note we also do not have all stains currently available on each one of our wood types. Over the course of time, we will be adding all the stains we offer on each wood type for you to view. We realize that viewing stain samples online diminishes the accuracy of the colors. If you prefer to choose from a palette of wood samples, we will send you a set so you may view it in person. All we ask is that you mail the sample back to us.

Stain boards are now available for order! Click here to start ordering stain boards today.

Note that due to difference in computer monitors, these pictures do not always properly display the stain color, but are here just to give you an idea.


Our coatings range from the standard catalyzed varnish to two-toning your furniture. All your choice making it even more green. Amish furniture is a very eco-friendly product. It’s made of wood, real locally grown hardwoods, a renewable resource. For every tree harvested at least 2 trees are planted to replace it. Harvesting and using the trees locally decreases the carbon foot print as well. There is some limited use of cabinet grade plywood and all of the glues and adhesives used are compliant with california environmental laws.

Two Tone Finish

Two Tone refers to applying two different stains on the furniture. Shown as an example is the Albany Single Pedestal Dining Table with a two tone finish. In this example, the table top is shown with a Michael’s Cherry color and the base of the table is painted with a blank paint. Not all two tones work this way.

Applying more than one stain doesn’t work for the most part. You make the furniture look too busy which is why only applying two stains works best. Other examples of two toning is making the frame of a dresser one color and having the drawer fronts be another.

The best combinations for two toning are two colors that are very far apart (IE: Brown top with a black or white base) or having two colors are are slight contrast of each other.


The burnishing process is done by hand to create the look of antique furniture. A glaze like substance is hand brushed onto the wood furniture that creates a darker look around the edges. Often items are burnished by rubbing and there are many types of burnishing tools that use spinning disks with burnishing pads to increase the shine. Traditionally, burnishing differed from polishing in that no polishes were used.

Light Distressing

Our light distressing is a mixture of different techniques to create the look of antique furniture that has aged naturally into a beautifully patina. The distress marks add character to the finished furniture. Some of the techniques used in our light distressing package may be light to medium pinholes, some indentations and nicks, lightly eased edges and wear through, light rasp markings and hand rubbed glazing. Flat sheen is recommended and usually standard however a semi-gloss varnish can also be requested.

Heavy Distressing

Each of our heavy distressing package is definitely an substantial amount of hand distressing for the furnishings. There could be heavy pin holes, indentations and also grazes, rasp white markings and also worm holes. The actual sides of the furnishings are generally heavily worn. Simulated fractures are created about each of our seriously distressed package. It is possible to tell your current Amish furnishings specialists if you prefer not to have the simulated cracks in the furniture. Our heavily distressed furniture creates a finish that suggests several centuries of wear and loving care. Medium hand burnishing and also hand applied glazing might be part of the actual heavy distressing. Flat sheen is recommended and also generally common nonetheless any semi-gloss varnish will also be inquired.

Hand Planing

Hand Planing truly adds a more rustic look to a piece. By roughing up the surface of the wood you’re able to mimic the “barn wood” look without having use to actual aged wood. Pair hand planing up with light or heavy distressing to create the perfect aged piece. Using a lighter sheen level to create a more matted appearance is usually recommend on this look.

Sheen Level

The level of sheen determines how glossy or how matted your piece will appear. 30 sheen is standard on every finished piece we offer. Lowering the sheen level will make your furniture more matted. Having a more matted look is paired best if you are looking for a more rustic type look. One thing to consider though when lowering the sheen level is the natural oil that comes from your hands can buff the piece back up to a 30 sheen. This however is dependent on how you use the piece. For example if you were to order a table set with a low sheen level, over time grabbing your chairs and pulling your table apart you will notice where you have buffed out the table and chairs. On glossy pieces, scratches are much more likely to appear due to the reflective appearance.