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Help others by submitting photos of your pieces for inspiration.

Whether it’s a simple accent table or an entire bedroom set, we love seeing the end results. But we’re not the only ones. Help others who are looking to design their forever piece by submitting your piece to our gallery of idea boards! Simply fill out the form below and we’ll review your submission. Please read our guidelines for submission.

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Guidelines for Submission

  • Take clear (not blurry) photos of your pieces. In order for us to properly display your items online we require clear still images.
  • We require at leastĀ one photo of your piece or set. The more the better though. If you only wish to show off one photo please try to make it the best photo possible.
  • If you are providing more than one photo, please try to provide photos of different angles. This will help others get an idea of how your piece looks from different perspectives.
  • Avoid any personal items or details that might be consequential for you or others. This means avoid giving away personal details (purposely or by accident) in the photos.
  • Photos with offensive material will be denied submission. This means any offensive symbols, gestures, etc.