Normandy Amish Pedestal Table [Set Photo]

Normandy Pedestal Table

Amaze anyone who enters your home with the gorgeously designed Normandy Pedestal Table. Perfect for any kitchen or dining room.

Cherie and Kent's Baytown Table Set [Amish Direct Furniture / Customer's Table Set]

[Customer’s] Baytown Table Set

Cherie and Kent came to Amish Direct Furniture looking for a small kitchen set. They went with the Baytown Single Pedestal Table and the Jefferson Dining Chairs and they topped everything off with a custom American made rug to compliment the table set.

White Painted Wilmington Trestle Table

This Wilmington Trestle Table is custom designed by one of our customers. They’re inspiration were the surrounding pieces in the room. They wanted a design where the table top was similar to their floor but wouldn’t get lost to it.

Alana Chairs, Evergreen Chairs, and Delphi Live Edge Table [Room Shot 2]

Delphi Contemporary Dining Set

This isn’t your ordinary, boring, oak Amish table you’re used to! The tufted back of the Alana Dining Chairs add a flair of class to the table set while the Evergreen Dining Chairs help throw in a rustic look into the mix. Shown off with a live edge top, the Delphi Dining Table is a gorgeous table that is sure to be the talking point of any dining room.

Albany Chairs and Bradbury Table

The highly stylish, and comfortable, Albany chairs are sure fire way to make a statement in any setting. Paired along side the Bradbury Table make for a beautiful combination. The Bradbury Table’s pedestal has a truly stunning carved out pedestal.

Ziglar Amish Table [Set]

Ziglar Amish Table Set

Our Amish crafted Ziglar pedestal table has all the right curves in every right place! This stunning pedestal base design is made to impress with its modern unique look.