Amish TV Stands

Whenever you buy a TV stand you will want a piece of furniture that will fit within and compliments your own personal style. When you're browsing our wonderful selection of solid wood Amish TV stands, don't forget to take into consideration these other factors that are essential to any TV stand purchase:

TV & TV Stand Size: The lowest width and depth of your TV stand is going to be decided by the tv that it will accommodate. Flat screen Tvs are slender enough to work with almost any depth, but outdated CRT Tvs will be needing a much deeper TV stand. With flat screen Tvs the depth of your stand depends upon your own personal preference instead of requirements of the TV. Measure out the space on your wall, or do a comparison of against existing furniture to get a impression for the amount of space you would like the stand to occupy. Be sure to use our TV size estimate graph on our FAQS page to get an idea of the size of your TV. Always be sure to actually measure out your television.

The width of your TV stand will be based on not only on on the width of your TV, but additionally on whether you want to showcase other decorations on the stand. At the very least, a TV stand ought to be wider than the bottom part of the TV -- and for flat screen Tvs that bottom part is usually quite small, a lot smaller than the true TV width. Most people opt for a TV stand that is considerably larger than the whole width of a TV, allowing room for decorations. Take into account that the suggested TV dimensions are measuring diagonally from corner to corner -- so a 46" TV is not really 46" wide!

Height for TV Stand: The right height for a TV stand is based largely upon the sort of seating in the room or space where the TV will stay, and also the height of viewers. Low to the floor sofas will demand shorter TV stands, whereas taller seating need a tall stand that is just as tall. Usually a rule of thumb, the lower third of the TV screen ought to be at eye level when viewers are seated. Additionally take note if there will be any objects in the way between seating and the screen -- tall decorations on a coffee table or multiple rows of seating could require a higher TV stand.