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  • Shape

    *Table Size (Before Leaves)

    This size is the center width and length without leaves. Measurement is in inches.


    *Size of Leaf/Leaves

    The size of the leaf/leaves and how many. Measurement is in inches.


    Top Vinyl Color

    *Leather Tone

    *Wood Grain


    *Bottom Dura-Velvet

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Read more about the types of warranty in the descriptions below.



Protect your fine furniture forever! These table pads help protect against scratches, burns, and spills. Protects against accidental heat sources up to 550°F. Table pads are available up to 10 feet (120 inches) in round and square/rectangular. Leaves are available with table pads. Each table pad and leaf folds for easy storage.

Each table pad comes with the patented hidden MagnaLoc System, designed to minimize pad sliding and separation while in use. It is 100% user friendly – nothing to think about, nothing to do; place the pieces together and they hold the pieces together. No need to spend time and needless effort to individually lock or connect exposed clips or pivot locks together. No worries about such clips or pivot locks from pulling loose because someone forgot to disengage them when removing the pad from the table. Best of all, no worries about accidentally sliding these exposed locks against the table surface that could cause table damage.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

90-Day Workmanship Guarantee:

In the event that your table pad came was made incorrectly or improperly built, we will cover the expenses of having a new one made and replaced.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

In addition to our 90-day workmanship guarantee, we will repair, reupholster, or replace table pads at no charge (not including negligence or an act of nature). This warranty covers the lifetime of the table pad. The warranty does not cover shipping and handling.




Q: Did you forget to install the magnets? I can’t find them.

A: Our magnets are concealed beneath the velour where the pads butt-up. There is always one 3″ magnet and one steel plate on each table pad piece, which is always opposite a steel page and magnet on the opposite piece. It’s always magnet opposite plate, no matter how the piece is turned. You can feel the magnet protrusion, but may have a more difficult time feeling the steel plate. When your pad is square or rectangular with 90° corners, magnets and plates are placed on one end only. You must put the two proper ends together.

Q: My magnets don’t work . Are they defective?

A: They do work and function exactly how they were intended. Their purpose is to minimize pad separation. If you intentionally pull a piece away from the other, it may easily separate and not pull the other piece with it. The larger the piece, the more likely this will happen. However, no one would ever do that in a normal situation. If you slowly pull, you will feel some attraction. That tells you they are working. If you move a piece from side to side, it will tend to move the other piece with it, which is all it’s intended to do. If this happens again you know your magnets are working. If you still have doubts, place a paper clip on it and pull.

Q: Why don’t you place more magnets on each side to make it stronger?

A: If the magnetism is too strong, pieces could not easily be separated. The magnets could eventually pull out of the pad. The magnets would then be rendered useless and, at the same time, pull the velour away from the pad. Each piece is a different size; all magnets must be the same size.

Q: Do you warranty the life of your magnets?

A: No. They do have a life expectancy of 100 years. We’ve been equipping our pads with them since 2000 and haven’t had one complaint about losing their magnetism. We do warranty the work in the manner they were intended. Even if we made your pads over, they would still work the same as the original. The pad itself is perfectly functional.


Q: Why is there a gap when I align all the pieces together?

A: There is a normal ¹⁄₁₆” and the way it should be, especially where you see or feel the slight magnet protrusion. In order for the magnets and opposite steel plates to be the most effective, they need to slightly touch. If they touch there is normally a slight gap; most noticeable in that area. If the pad pieces were cut crooked (which is rate), the two pieces will tend to rock. This is when you know there is a problem and have a reason to contact for a replacement.

Q: If there is any gap, however slight, won’t that allow spills to penetrate to the table top?

A: Yes, if there is a spill at the seam, it will seep to the table top. It would penetrate even with no gap. Even the best butt-up can’t prevent liquid penetration at the seam. It might slow it down but completely stop it.


Q: Why doesn’t my pad fit? It hangs by ¼”.

A: Up to ¼” is acceptable. That means when you center the pad, there is a much as ⅛” overhang on each end (sometimes even hard too see). A table pad is rarely exact. If you traced a pattern, there could be differences even of the thickness of the line, depending upon what you traced it with. The more pieces you have, depending upon the number of leaves, the greater this tolerance becomes. Even as much as ¼” on each end when centered. It’s only a problem when the pad is too short, there by exposing some of the table. If you have a beveled or sloped edge, that small area will always be exposed. Pads are always made to cover the flat surface only. Otherwise, they would have no support below.

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    The total diameter of my Amish table top is 70” perfect round; and so I don’t understand request for W” x L”. Is what provided sufficient? Thanks
  1. Q The total diameter of my Amish table top is 70” perfect round; and so I don’t understand request ...... Read more
    Asked by Pamela on April 29, 2020 5:25 pm
    Answered by David

    In the size area you are able to type '70" round' or '70" by 70" '. 

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