Set your little one up for life with our Amish made baby and kids furniture. Convertible cribs that transform from crib, to daybed, and then a full sized bed that’ll last them from when they’re crawling to when they can finally go out on their own.


Shown in Oak with a Dark Knight stain.

Amish Baby & Kids Furniture

Our Amish baby furniture can help you create a safe, comfortable, nurturing environment for your little one.  As parents it’s our duty to protect our children and ensure they have the best, safest, most nurturing, environment possible.  Part of making sure we are providing them with this environment includes the kind of furniture we allow our children to use, especially when it comes to small, precious, innocent, vulnerable babies.  We must carefully, select the best baby furniture to ensure a safe environment!

At Amish Direct Furniture, we want to help you find only the highest quality, safest, strongest, sturdiest and most comfortable baby furniture for your little one. So whether you are looking for Amish cribs, Amish rocking chairs, Amish high chairs, etc. – we have a huge selection of baby furniture to fit your needs.

So what is it exactly that makes our baby furniture so special and unique? Well, that’s exactly what we are hear to answer (we’ll do our best to keep it short) so keep reading on to find out the top 5 reasons why our Amish baby furniture is the best choice to creating the absolute best, safest, most nurturing, calming environment for your baby.

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1. Safety & Comfort

The first thing you need to know is that our baby furniture is never mass-produced. Every piece of our baby furniture is handcrafted by the best Amish carpenters we have on staff including our Amish rockers, Amish wooden high chairs, Amish baby cribs and more. These pieces take time and an incredible amount of skill to produce thus ensuring that you end up with furniture that is not only durable but beautiful and extremely safe for your baby to use.

Not only is durability and safety a huge priority for our Amish builders, but every piece of our baby furniture is built with comfort in mind.  At Amish Direct Furniture, we do not believe in taking shortcuts. Our products take time to produce because in doing so, we not only make a living but also honor our craft.

Our Amish cribs, Amish made rocking chairs, Amish high chairs- actually every single piece of furniture created is made with the same love, care and finesse that the carpenter would use when making furniture for his own children.

We have a long tradition of excellent carpentry that we uphold in this company and that is exactly what you will get with our products – excellent workmanship. Our baby furniture will help you to create the perfect warm, safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment your little one needs.

2. Affordable

Since babies don’t stay babies forever, cribs only last for a couple years and it won’t be long before you’ll have to get rid of the crib, buy a new bed, set it up, etc.  One of the coolest and most cost effective things about our baby cribs is that you can skip all that nonsense because they convert into full size beds!  Just take a look at the Manhattan conversion crib below that converts into a full size bed that will grow as your baby grows!

As much as we are a company and a business, we do not believe in exploiting our customers. As such, our excellently built and handcrafted baby furniture is sold at a very reasonable and family friendly price. Our dream is that every family should be able to give their baby the best furniture the market can offer. We strive to make that dream come true by making our products as affordable as is feasibly possible that will last for generations to come.

3. Quality

We only use real and pure wood.  You will not find any of products made out of press boards or veneer. We only use the best wood to produce our Amish baby cribs, Amish wooden rocking chairs, Amish wooden high chairs, and actually all of our baby furniture which leads to extremely sturdy, durable and quality furniture.  We do not take any shortcuts nor use any substandard materials. Our builders have to wait just the right amount of time for the wood to mature which is one of the main reasons our products take time to produce.

4. It is American made furniture

We pride ourselves in selling only American made furniture. This means that we source the best wood, the best skills and the best materials locally from the very community in which we sell our products. We have lived, loved and worked in this country and as such, understand what the average American family wants for their children.

Here at Amish Direct Furniture, we have absolutely no doubt in our minds that you want the best for your child. From their health to their education ultimately to the quality of life they live and their environment, you do everything in your power to make it all possible simply because you love your child and want the best for them.  We strive to give you the best baby furniture money can buy.

Now that you know a little more about what our furniture crafting process entails and exactly what goes on behind the scenes to craft the safest, strongest, highest quality baby furniture – it’s time to find the best baby furniture for your little one to create a calm, comfortable, safe environment.