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Whether you have a small cozy eat-in kitchen, a dining room with plenty of space for the whole family, you need the right furnishings for your home. It’s where friends gather for birthdays, holidays and dinner parties. Our Amish crafted dining and kitchen furniture have plenty options for every style, space, and size.

Create your perfect table set by pairing any one of our hundreds of tables and chairs. Choose whether you would like chairs, stools, or benches around your table. No matter which way, you’ll get the perfect furniture that sets the tone for your kitchen or dining room. We offer casual sets to formal pieces, with modern and rustic styles.

Bar stools, or kitchen stools, are perfect for any counter space or tables that are raised up. Easy to get in and out, kitchen / bar stools give extra seating in tight space and lets you take full advantage of a table, island, counter top, or breakfast bar.

There is something wonderful about being able to spend time with loved ones whether it’s celebrating that special occasion or just sharing an intimate meal and often times the dining room is where these precious moments take place.

The dining room is an area where some of the greatest conversations happen and where some of the best memories are made.  Because so many great times take place in the dining room, it’s important to have dining furniture that’s stylish but also comfortable and accommodates everyone.

dngpgctaHere at Amish Direct Furniture we want to help you find the perfect dining room furniture because we know how important and what a big part of the home the dining room is. We have a huge selection of Amish dining room tables & Amish dining chairs that can help turn your space into something special where unforgettable memories will be made.

Our Amish dining room sets could be what you’ve been looking for to create that perfect warm, welcoming environment and at the same time also fit your taste and style requirements. Our Amish dining room furniture comes in all different sizes to fit any space and a variety of styles ranging from modern to rustic.

Our Carefully, Handcrafted Amish Dining Room Sets Are Made With Care, Integrity And Honesty, Definitely Worth Having In Your Home!

Our community of over 200 Amish builders work hard to exceed your expectations, our Amish dining sets are handcrafted pieces of furniture built with pride and integrity and are made with the highest quality and durability.   Our Amish builders only use real hardwood and only the best materials to construct the highest quality piece of furniture.

The hardworking Amish artisan carefully crafts each piece of furniture with great attention to detail and isn’t just in it to make a living but sincerely does a job well done. Doing the best possible job means commitment to meaningful labor and it’s what the Amish live by. The beautiful, hand crafted, carefully constructed Amish-made furniture pieces are built in a way to last and be handed down for generations to come.

So many big box retailers mass produce furniture piece after piece by outsourcing cheap labor to countries with poor working conditions like China. The awesome thing about buying our Amish dining room furniture is that you are buying an all American made product and are helping to contribute to the Amish community, allowing the builders to keep producing such beautiful furniture and provide for their families.

One of the best parts about our Amish dining tables & furniture is you can customize it to fit your exact wants and needs to fit your home perfectly. All of our furniture is built to order allowing you to choose the type of wood you want down to getting the exact size piece of furniture you need.

The dining room is too important of a place where some of the best memories are made so having the best, high quality, carefully crafted furniture is an absolute must! Please feel free to browse our site to find the best dining furniture to fit your home.

We want you to not just find your perfect furniture piece but also want you to understand the furniture you buy – so as you browse our site, if you have any questions please give us a call or fill out our contact form here and we’ll have one of our trained furniture specialist guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.

Here’s to you finding the perfect dining room furniture for your home where endless memories will be made!