Small spaces are not as limiting as they might seem at first glance. If done properly, you can do as much or more if you make the right decisions. Getting the most out of a small home is actually fairly easy. We have a few tips on you can achieve getting the most out of a small home.

The biggest decision to make is what furniture is essential. In the kitchen you can easily substitute an island for a small table. By substituting for an island you now have storage space as well as a place to eat and a work surface. Islands also are available with wheels which can give you the option of getting it out of the way or even using it as an extra tale in another room should the need arise. Many islands have counter tops with space under them. If this is the case make sure you get stools without backs on them. This will allow you to push them under the counter keeping them out of the way. .

For a small family of 2 – 4, getting a table in the dining room that is only large enough to seat everyone is a great way to save space. If you have a great room instead of a standard dining room and living room something to consider is that a square or rectangular table works really well because you can push it up against a wall clearing more of the space in the center of the room for day to day stuff. The chairs should be small but comfortable. A great way to make the most of a table is to get benches along each side. This really helps if you have children. This will give you a chance to fit more of your kids on it and you can slide the bench under the table when it’s not in use. Make sure if you decide to get a bench or two that it does fit under the table otherwise you lose the space you could have saved.

In the small home office, buying one or two pieces of furniture that serve as many functions as possible is the best solution. This usually means a credenza and desk, both with hutches. Then you can have ample storage for everything and it remains modular. Which really makes changing the arrangement easy.
Bedrooms can sometimes be the most difficult .If there really isn’t much room selecting 1 utility piece of furniture such as a L-Dresser . The advantage is that it’s quite tall and has more than enough storage for all your clothes. If you have the space for a double dresser at the end of the bed, the dresser can work both storage for your clothes and as a place to put a TV. That is if you have one in your bedroom. If there isn’t much space on the sides of the bed for nightstands you might want to consider using taller plant stands or long narrow end tables.

In the living room, you can usually do quite a bit if you plan it right. When it comes to furniture for the living room, we have found that the coffee table is one of those things that is definitely optional and only necessary if you have the extra room. A great way to save space it to make sure that all the end tables you choose are shared by 2 seats. That way you get the biggest bang for your buck. If you want to save a little more space and eliminate an end table or two you should get seating that has cupholders built right in.

Color can have a big effect on the way a room looks. To keep a room looking nice and open choose colors that are bright and cheery without lots of detail or intricate borders.. Dark colors tend to close a room up and in small spaces can make you feel claustrophobic. Stay away from furniture that is very ornate as lots of detail and decoration can make the piece of furniture seem larger than it is.

Taking your time and using these suggestions will turn any small home into a great place to live!

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