One of the most common questions we get is: What size of a table do I need to sit [X] people? Even when we mention the size they’ll need, it can still be hard to visualize for most exactly how everyone will sit at the table. In order to help, we created this nice little guide on the different sizes of tables, how many people you can sit, and the most comfortable way for everyone to sit.


leaves-diagramLet’s start with leaves first. Almost any table can come with leaves. The rule of thumb we like to use is for every 2 leaves, you can sit an additional 2 people. This also applies to 1 leaf. When you add in one leaf, you’ll be able to add an additional person to each side.

Each of our leaves will be 12″ wide (unless otherwise specified). This can also be said as: 24″ = 2 people.

Chair space can vary but a comfortable number is usually a 3″ gap between each chair.

Round & Square Tables

When it comes to square or round tables, typically a 42″ and 48″ will be able to sit the same amount of people just like a 54″ and 60″ can. We have seen some diagrams that show a 48″ can sit 6 people. This is highly situational. The only way something like that is possible if it a pedestal style table. When you sit 6 people at that kind of size, it is a very tight fit as well.

Oval & Rectangular Tables

On any style table, a 42″ x 60″ and 42″ x 66″ will seat 6 people. A 42″ x 72″ can sit 8 people but only in a double pedestal style. Leg tables and trestle tables will have the legs and middle base get in the way. They’ll only be able to seat 6 unless you add leaves.


Typically, most tables come in a 42″w standard. You are able to increase that to a 48″ wide. This doesn’t increase the amount of people you can sit at your table. This just creates some extra leg room for those on the corners. The one thing to keep in mind when you increase the width, it can make it more difficult passing dishes and condiments. Rather than simply passing the salt, you might have to toss the salt.

12 thoughts on “How Many People Can You Sit at a Table?

  1. Gilbert Davies says:

    Looking to purchase an apartment sized dining room set with four chairs. Interested in the total price for same dependent on the type of wood used of course. Thank you.

    • David says:

      Hi Gilbert!

      If you’re looking for an apartment sized table with four chairs, I’d recommend either a 42″ or 48″ (round or square) table. The two styles of tables you can choose from is either a leg table or single pedestal. When it comes to chairs, it’s always best to find a table first, then choose your chairs based on the style of the table. You can browse our selection of dining chairs for chairs. Pricing is available on both the tables and chairs. Hope this helps!

  2. JJ says:

    Question – if I did a 54″ round with an 18″ extension that would take me to 72″. How many people could fit around that then? Conceivably 10 people?

    • David Schroeder says:

      You would be able to sit around 8 people on a 54″W x 72″L oval shape. In order to try and squeeze 10 people around the table, you would roughly another 12″ to the length. This would be the more casual sitting set up as well. On a 54″ square/rectangular shape you can theoretically sit 10 around a 54″W x 72″L but the issue you run into is the people sitting at the corners end up overlapping each other.

    • Milagros Vallenilla says:

      Hi, I have a dinning room that measures 120″ x 120″.

      What size table should I buy if I go for a round one?
      What size table is appropriate if I decide to buy a rectangular one?
      I need to sit a minimum of 6 people.

      I really appreciate your answer.

      • David Schroeder says:

        For a round table with a room that size we’d recommend a 54″ round at the minimum but a 60″ round would work best. If you were to go with a rectangular table we would recommend 42″ wide by 66″ long at the minimum. This size works best for leg tables but on certain trestle tables it can work. The best size would be 42″ wide by 72″ long. This size works best on any style and sits 6 people the most comfortably.

  3. Ted Whitford says:


    I am looking to purchase a solid Amish style Farm Table with NO leaves. Looking to seat six (6) people using four (4) Windsor style spindle side chair and two (2) arm chairs on each end.

    What is the popular size or standard dimensions for this style of table and for the number of chairs?

    Thank you

    • David Schroeder says:

      We recommend 42 inches wide by 72 inches long for a table with 6 chairs. This allows for 6 chairs to sit comfortably around the table and gives everyone plenty of leg and elbow room. If you are considering a farm house style leg table you could go to 42 inches wide by 66 inches long. It will make things a little tighter on everyone but you would still be able to have 6 chairs around the table.

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