Oak is without a doubt thee most loved-hated wood that we offer. But why is that? There are a few reasons as to why so many love it and to why so many also do not like it.

Why people love it

Oak is a solid wood. It isn’t soft but it isn’t super tough either making it very nice to work with giving it solid strength characteristics. Oak also has a very interesting grain pattern; the grain is highly unique to itself. Woodworkers love it because it’s abundant and economical making Oak an inexpensive wood.

Why people hate it

Oak is simply everywhere. Most houses built in the past will have Oak in some form in their own. Whether it be on the cabinets, the window frames, the flooring, the doors, etc. Oak has become so commonplace that most people don’t even know what it is. It has simply become “wood” to most. Those who tend to stray away from Oak are the ones who have lived with it their own lives. To them it has become a “boring” wood or they associate it with a traditional lifestyle and want a wood that they view as more of a “modern” wood.

Try this instead

If you’re of those who isn’t a fan of Oak try something else….anything else. Let’s say you’re just not into the whole look of Oak, you find it too busy of a look, Maples are a good alternative to a fresh new look. Maples (Brown and Hard) have a much smoother grain pattern and if you want some variation to it, Brown Maple is the way to go. But let’s say you like the grainy look, but not as much as Oak, Hickory is the wood for you then. Hickory is thee toughest wood we offer and it has a similar grain pattern to Oak but a bit more toned down.

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