Malibu Poly Swivel Arm Chair


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This Eco-Friendly Malibu Swivel Arm Chair is responsibly designed for adventurous souls seeking some respite in today’s busy world.

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    Two-Tone Colors

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Environmentally Friendly

Poly is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a recyclable plastic derived from post-consumer waste such as milk and detergent bottles. This material is cleaned in a decontamination process to a purity level of over 99% HDPE, then compounded into solid board stock material. The resulting product contains over 90% recycled post consumer waste by weight.

Will Not Deteriorate

Exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splinting, warping and other hazards of environmental exposure common to wood or wood fiber composite products

UV Stabilized Color

High color stability UV pigment systems which minimize material breakdown from prolonged sun and weather exposure

Essentially Maintenance Free

Requires no waterproofing, staining, or other similar recurring maintenance other than an occasional washing with soap and water

Product Details


  • 95% of the material in these boards is recycled content.
  • The boards are infused with pigment to ensure UV protection.
  • Manufactured in the USA.
  • Includes built-in UV protection however, it is not an invincible material. Over the years, slight fading will happen if the furniture is continually exposed to direct sunlight over long periods.
  • Poly products are designed to handle the common weather of all 4 seasons without being covered. Covering it would still provide benefits, though. It will decrease any likelihood of the colors fading, and minimalize the amounts of dirt that your furniture could be exposed to.
  • Stainless steel fasteners help ensures parts won't rust in the elements. Covering furniture is not recommend but helps decrease the likelihood of anything happening.
  • Long lasting beauty
  • No rotting
  • No splinters
  • Smooth to the touch

Shown with Lime Green seat and arms, Dove grey on frame


  • To maintain the beauty of your furniture, clean it regularly using any generic composite deck cleaner which can be bought at most home goods stores.
  • When cleaning do not use any cleaning product that contains Bleach except on White poly.
  • Apply cleaner and let set for 10 minutes, then use soft bristle brush or sponge to scrub poly furniture.
  • When completed rinse clean with warm water. If necessary reapply cleaner let set for 10 minutes then clean using a 2400 PSI high pressure washer.
  • Do not place tip of high pressure washer closer than 12”-16” from the poly furniture to avoid marring the texture of your poly.
Additional information

25 × 18 × 46 in

Warranty for Poly

Warranty for Poly

Poly is one of the materials we highly recommend for outdoor furniture. Poly is actually made from recycled plastics making it very durable. The reason why we recommend it is because it’s all year long rather than seasonal.

The benefits of poly furniture is:

  • UV ray protector to keep it from fading
  • No maintenance such as painting, scraping, or replacing required
  • Will not promote bacterial growth or mildew
  • Termite resistant
  • Will not crack, split, warp, rot or splinter

The warranty for Poly furniture:

  • 20 Years Residential use
  • 5 Years for Commercial use
  • 1 Year on S.S. Glider arms
  • 1 Year on Powder Coated Swivels
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