Our finishers use commercial grade stains and spray application to provide the most even and consistent color. To ensure great durability, a high quality, catalyzed varnish is also applied. This varnish has greater adhesion, hardness, and abrasion resistance than standard lacquers. This finishing system not only protects the surface of the table, but soaks into the wood providing additional protection.

Please note we also do not have all paints currently available. Over the course of time, we will be adding all the paints we offer for you to view. We realize that viewing stain samples online diminishes the accuracy of the colors. If you prefer to choose from a palette of wood samples, we will send you a set so you may view it in person. All we ask is that you mail the sample back to us.

Stain boards are now available for order! Click here to start ordering stain boards today.

Note that due to difference in computer monitors, these pictures do not always properly display the stain color, but are here just to give you an idea.


We recommend using a maple wood (Brown or Hard) for paints as they are smooth woods.


Panda White

Country White




Decorator White



Chelsea Grey

Coffee Bean

Antique White


Sand Dollar



Paint with Glaze

We recommend using a maple wood (Brown or Hard) for paints as they are smooth woods.

Aloe Brushmark w/ Cocoa Glaze


Black w/ Warm Brown Glaze

Boardwalk w/ Portabella Glaze

Chelsea Grey w/ Warm Brown Glaze

Georgian w/ Warm Brown Glaze

Pearl w/ Early Wheat Glaze

White w/ Warm Brown Glaze