Shown: Chandler Dining Table

How to make sure you have enough room for the table:

Allow 28″ all the way around your table for chairs to be moved in and out (arm chairs require 34 – 36 inches). A 42″W x 60″L table will require an area approx. 8 ft. wide (42″ + 28″ + 28″) and approx. 9 1/2 ft. long (60″ + 28″ + 28″).

How to determine how big your table needs to be:

The 24″ rule applies when deciding on the number of people you’re trying to seat, 24″ of top space is needed for each chair. As an example: A 42″ x 60″ table will fit 2 chairs per side and 1 on each end. Ordering 1 leaf (12 inches wide are standard) will allow you to seat 3 people per side. There are some variations to this rule depending on the shape or type of table so we encourage you to email or call us with any questions. We’ll gladly help you make an informed decision based on your seating needs and available space.

Seating at a round table:

The formula is pretty simple: take the diameter of the table lets say a 48 inch round table and multiply that by 3.14. Simply take 48 x 3.14 and you’ll get 150.72. Then divide that by 24 (which is the amount of space in inches needed to seat someone comfortably) and you get 6.28 people. So you can seat 4 – 6 people at a 48 inch round table.

Here it is simplified
Diameter of the table (in inches) multiplied by 3.14 then divide that by 24.

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