The entry way to the home is the first thing someone will see when they walk in. This can help give a favorable impression before even walking through the rest of your home. Having an inviting foyer area can put a guest at ease and brighten their day when you take the time to create a look that is appealing. Here are some ideas that you can use to spruce up your entry way.

Coat Rack

Having a place for guests and family to hang their coat when they come inside is something that would be appreciated. It can be embarrassing to walk through with your coat on, and equally as embarrassing to have to ask if there is somewhere that it can be hung. If the coat rack is easily accessible, it can be a great piece to have in your entry way area. There are standard wood coat racks that fit inside the corner or you could have a shelving rack mounted on the wall, with separate hooks for people to hang their clothing.

A Bench/Shoe Area

A lot of people have an area for shoes near the front door so that they can be taken off, as to not track in mud. Having an area where shoes can be stored, such as small bins or cubby holes, can be a great way to help organize an otherwise area of disarray. If you have small children, this can make the area tidy for all.

Pair the shoe bins with a wooden bench. This can be used as an area to put on or take off shoes with ease. You can have a bench with a storage area underneath for the shoes to make the entire area neat and tidy, while providing a convenient spot to take a seat.

Small Table

Placing a small table near the front door is a great idea. It can be a spot where you place the mail each day or to place your keys each time you come home so that they are never lost. You can decorate the table with a small vase of flowers, picture frames or candles to give your home a small relaxing area to be seen as soon as you come into the door.

Mail Bin/Key Rack

If you would rather have a smaller spot for the mail and keys, there are wood racks that can be hung on a wall for easy access. These can include cubbyholes for mail and hooks that hang down to place your keys.


Having a mirror in the entry way helps to make the area look bigger. It is also a great idea for those who want to give themselves a last minute check of the hair or makeup before heading out to work in the morning. You can get a mirror that has a shelve attached to the bottom of it to set some knickknacks, candles or pictures. Use a wood-finished mirror to give a rustic, lived in look.

Small Sitting Area

You could make a sitting area for your foyer if you have the space. Pick out some furniture that appeals to you and set it near the door for a cute little niche that you can use for a cup of coffee before leaving for the day, or for a quick look at the morning paper. You can put a magazine rack near a small couch and end table for a nice-looking spot to take a break before heading out for the day. It can also be a retreat for when you first get home before starting the evening routines.

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