Smart decorators have struck gold. Dual-wooded bedroom furniture has increased bedroom decorating options four fold. The latest trend in high class bedroom furnishings is to take elegantly tailored raised panels, built in two of the most beautiful types of wood, to take your private spaces from season to season richly.

Beautiful combinations of summer light woods (maple or hickory) & rich fall cherry or walnut have created an extraordinary bedroom rage that moves from season to season with nouveaux classic style. While no one wants to invest and re-invest in bedroom furniture, we all want to be able to dress up or down our intimate spaces according to the seasons and our moods, and do so seasonally.

Can’t decide whether you like dark wood or light? Have you inherited pieces of different types of wood and need to find a way to make them work? Do you and your beloved have differing tastes? Couples are discovering that this new trend of dark/light woods meets all these needs!

This new flexibility allows decorating options from brights to jeweltone decorating, and seasonal changes from spring pastels to fall spiced richness, all without reinvesting in new furniture pieces.The demands of modern living require this new flexibility without sacrificing quality. Muted gloss hand rubbed finish enhances and highlights the wispy, ethereal grain of maple or cherry. Formal decor is sharpened and highlighted, country or rustic is enhanced by the contrast in cherished wood types.

If you need your furniture investment to be one that keeps on giving and gives you all the flexibility required by changing tastes and evolving style, doubling your wood options with a tailored elegance, this handcrafted Amish bedroom set will accommodate a progressive lifestyle.

Examples of blending wood types

The best way to blend different types of wood is to keep the contrast somewhat close to each other or not have them clash with each other. You could have a chair’s frame made out of hard maple and stain it with a onyx stain and then make the seat out of hickory with a mission maple stain and burnish the seat. The burnishing helps make the hickory start to blend into the hard maple.

You can also find ways to make different whole pieces of wood work together in your room. Let’s say you have cabinets made out of cherry wood and you wanted a dining table to match them. Since cherry is a soft hardwood, it probably isn’t the best choice for a table though. You could however use hard maple since it is harder, but has a smooth grain close to cherry. All you need then is to stain the wood to either match or to work well with the color of your cabinets.


Have your own example of how you made two different types of wood work together? Leave us a comment below!

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