We’re introducing a new feature to the website: Wishlists! We’ve been toying around with this feature for a few months and have finally gotten around to adding it. With wishlists, you can build lists and put pieces in them so you can save them for later. You can essentially use them as sort of a project board. You are able to create a list, name it (IE: bedroom), and give it a description. This makes it extremely easy when trying to plan out your rooms.

The Run Through

Creating a list

First, we’ve added a new button to our menu to make things quick. On every item’s page there is a “Add to Wishlist” button. If you don’t have any made, this will automatically create a wishlist for you.

Note: If you don’t have an account created, your lists will only stay for 30 days or until you clear out your cookies. If you have an account though, they will last forever unless you delete them.

From there, you can create lists and give them names such as BedroomKitchen Area, or Bobby’s Bedroom. Once you have a list made, you can go and start adding items!

Adding items to your lists

On any of our item’s pages, you’ll see a Add to wishlist button right near the final price, or roughly halfway down the page. One thing to note too, you don’t have to create a list to add an item. If you find something, all you have to do is click the Add to wishlist button, and you’ll be taken to a page to create a list where that item would go into.

If you already have a list, or even multiple lists, clicking the Add to wishlist button will bring up a menu for you to choose which list you’d like to add it to.

Sharing your lists

With your lists, you have a few sharing options! You can either keep them private and make it to where only you can see the items. Your other options are shared and publicShared makes it to where your list is private from being searched for but you are given a URL for your list that can be shared to people. Public makes it to where anyone can see it.

Along with privacy options, if your wishlist is set to shared or public, you will be sharing options via Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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