Your alarm didn’t go off and now you have to hurry up and make it there on time. You’ve got 5 minutes to get there. You’re fumbling around the house for your keys, and yelling to the little one to get ready, for the 50th time. “Hurry up and get your shoes on!” You can’t quite remember if you have everything. You’re going to be late. If this sounds like you, then your home is in need of this one thing:

A Take-Off Space.

We’ve all heard of landing strips or also known as mud rooms. Those neat and tidy places where you set your keys and hang your coat and sort your mail. But the fact is, for most families, getting home is one thing, leaving the house on the other hand, is something else entirely.

The idea of a take-off space is this: it’s a place where you’re ahead of time. You can compile everything you need to take out with you. You might do this during nap time, or in advance of the next day before you head to bed. Whenever you choose, the fact is, everything you need is in one space waiting for you before you head out that door.

What does a take-off space need?

  • Somewhere to write upcoming events. This could be a calendar, a whiteboard or chalkboard. Even a pinboard to stick up notes for yourself. Whatever you choose, it’s a place where you can look and see what you’re doing today/tomorrow and what you’ll need to bring.
  • Somewhere to store your bag(s). A bag hook isn’t only useful for when you get home, it can also be a useful place to hang a bag as it is being filled in preparation of going out. A basket might be a useful addition here – to store larger items that you need as you head out the door on your next outing.
  • Somewhere to store outerwear and shoes, and to put those shoes on. Rather than having to run around the house finding shoes and coats, get the kids into the habit of leaving them at the front door ready for their next use.
  • Spot for your keys. When your rushing and trying to get out the door quickly, it is easy to forget something important like your car keys. Having a spot to hang your keys up lets you know exactly where they’re at.

Do you have a take-off space in your home? Does it work for you? Share your taking-off tips below!

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