Here at Amish Direct Furniture we know how critical it is to have a well designed bedroom that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed after a long hard days work which is why the exact goal of our Amish bedroom furniture sets is to help you create your own dream like, calm, sleep sanctuary or in other words, “your go to place for ultimate relaxation” after a long, hard day.  

Did you know we spend most of our lives in our bedrooms?  Seriously, no joke – according to the National Center for Biotechnology, we spend a third of our lives sleeping!  So having a relaxing, peaceful sleeping environment is a must for optimal health and well being.  

A huge part of creating your own dream like, peaceful sanctuary involves choosing the right bedroom furniture and that’s what we want to help you do!  Our mission at Amish Direct furniture is to help you find the best bedroom furniture to create your perfect peaceful, dream like, calming, bedroom sanctuary.  

We’ve got all the Amish bedroom set furniture you’ll ever need and more from Amish Beds to Amish bunk beds to Amish dressers to Amish night stands to Amish headboards and much more.   Seriously you can trust us when it comes to providing all the necessary furniture you’ll need to create your own sleeping sanctuary in no time flat.  

Whether you’re looking to create a natural, simplistic rustic feel to mimic the great outdoors or a more contemporary modern environment – we have Amish furniture bedroom sets with over 50 designs to choose from!  We’ve got Amish bedroom sets to fit all different unique tastes and styles for everyone to create their own peaceful, sleep place of heaven on earth.  

Below are just a few reasons why our Amish bedroom furniture sets are your best choice when it comes to creating your ultimate dream, sleeping sanctuary:

1. Our Bedroom Furniture Made Of 100% American Hardwood Gives Off That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

Heirloom Quality Amish Bedroom Furniture. Breckenridge Bedroom Set.Our Amish wooden beds yield a feeling of warmth that metal beds are typically incapable of putting off.  The bedroom is often made to be the coziest room of the house and our Amish beds are well-suited to emphasize that sentiment.  Wooden bed frames in general are far less likely to to squeak and creak and therefore less likely to keep you up at night compared to metal bed frames.  

Because the creaky, squeaky annoyances of a metal bed are far more likely to interrupt sleep – a poor night’s sleep is likely to occur.  Yikes!  The effects of a poor night’s sleep are dreadful and affects us all in different ways whether it be our moods, feeling more tired causing us to be less productive, feeling more stressed and overwhelmed….the list is endless.  

Getting a good night’s rest is critical to health and well being and our 100% wooden Amish made beds are far less likely to squeak and creak leading to a good night’s sleep.  We’re talking about the kind of sleep where when you wake up and feel refreshed, clear headed and ready to take on whatever the day brings!

An Amish wooden bed gives you the versatility to adjust your bed to match the rest of your bedroom as it evolves and changes.  Our Amish beds can be stained to match a variety of shades and gives you the opportunity to truly make a piece your own.  Similarly, each wooden Amish bed frame offers a unique pattern of wood grain unlike any other – making it originally, uniquely yours.   

All our Amish bedroom furniture set collections are hand crafted with quality kiln-dried hardwood that lasts a very long time (we are talking generations!).  Unlike most cheap furniture that try to simulate hardwood by use of harmful chemicals, all Amish bedroom sets use genuine hardwood that will offer you the true beauty and durability for decades to come.

2. Bedroom Furniture That’s Useful & Practical

At Amish Direct Furniture, we know that a bedroom should not only be peaceful, calm and relaxing but useful at the same time.  One of the coolest features about our Amish made beds is that they come with several options for drawers underneath.  You have the privilege of choosing drawers in different sizes, and directions depending on how much storage space you need and how you want to design/set up your bedroom.  

Not only can you choose the types and sizes of drawers, you can also customize the size of your footboard to ensure that it would match with your style.  A bed with a wall unit is not only practical, but luxurious as well.  Now do you see what we mean by practical and useful?

3. Custom For Your Own Unique Taste & Style

Your bedroom furniture should not just match your style but even your lifestyle.  Our Amish bedroom set styles range from luxe traditional to minimalist modern.  It doesn’t matter what your style may be, you’ll be able to get the bedroom furniture that’s best for your needs.  We, at Amish Direct Furniture, believe that the term Amish isn’t just a style.  For us, it’s the standard of excellence by which all our solid wood Amish furniture is handcrafted.  

Each piece of Amish Furniture Direct is handmade-to order.  That means it’ll be specifically built for you and the production wouldn’t start until your order has been submitted.  That means you’ll have the freedom to select the wood, size, edge profile, and so on.  With over 200 experienced craftsmen, you can trust Amish furniture to customize any of your bedroom furniture to some level of degree.  We want you to be more than satisfied with your furniture.  

Your bedroom should be designed in a way that makes you feel relaxed to help ease the stress from the day apart from providing you with a good sleep where you can dream and loosen up.  So go ahead and start creating your dream like, peaceful bedroom sanctuary today by checking out our Amish bedroom set furniture collection today by viewing any bedroom styles, individual bedroom furniture pieces, or entire bedroom sets (that can be viewed at the top of this page).

If you have questions – get in touch with one of our Amish bedroom furniture set experts by filling out the contact form here or give us a call at 586-323-4895.  We will be glad to guide you and answer all your questions.

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