Our goal at Amish Direct Furniture is to help you find the absolute best amish living room furniture to create a welcoming environment where cherished family memories will be made for years to come.  The living room is a unique place of the home because it’s where we spend a great amount of time with our loved ones whether it’s playing a game, watching a movie together, laughing with one another, having meaningful conversations with each other and much more.

American Built Solid Hardwood Amish Living Room FurnitureBecause we spend so much time with family and loved ones in the living room, creating a friendly, warm living room environment is important and is the goal of our amish living room furniture.  We’ve got a huge selection of all different living room furniture pieces from amish coffee tables, amish end tables, tv stands, console tables, sofas to recliners and so much more, you’ll have your warm, welcoming, comfortable living room environment created in no time.

Here’s a few reasons why our living room furniture is your best choice to create a warm, friendly, welcoming, comfortable environment for you and your family to continue creating long-lasting, precious memories.

1. Long Lasting Furniture That You’ll Have For Generations

Our amish furniture is a long term investment because you’ll have it for a long time.  Seriously!  Our furniture pieces are made with only the highest resistance materials and real hardwood that will last for years to come.  Our builders take extreme pride in their work and view their work as pieces of art that you’ll have in your family for generations.

2. Customizable For You

If you always wanted to have furniture that is solely unique to your family and at the same time beautiful and lasting, your best option is Amish furniture.  Our amish furniture is hand crafted by the hands of experienced carpenters who pay extreme attention to detail to craft only only the most beautiful piece of art you’ll ever lay eyes on – that was made specifically for your family only!  There’s literally no other piece of furniture like the one you’ll get.

One of the best parts about our furniture is that because for the most part it can be customized to any degree – you’ll be able to choose the style to best match your home.  For instance, if your home’s style is more contemporary/modern and you want a sleek, leather sofa – no problem at all.  Or maybe your home’s style is more simple and natural and you’re looking for a solid wood oak coffee table to complete your living room, we’ve got you covered.

Our excellent relationships with different Amish communities throughout America have allowed us to count on the support of more than 200 artisans with the best skills to craft beautiful furniture pieces that are hand crafted carefully and customized just for you that can match whatever style and look you’re going for.

3. Made in the USA

All our products are made in the United States by Amish artisans. While some companies choose to sacrifice the quality of their products with cheap labor in foreign countries, our company relies on local labor.  So you can be at peace knowing that our living room furniture is all American made and the extremely hard working amish builders that craft the furniture are the ones who get compensated.  By purchasing from the Amish community you are helping to ensure the Amish builders keep making a living building beautiful furniture for all to enjoy.

Whether you need an amish made coffee table, amish oak end table, amish sofa table, amish couch, amish recliner, amish console table, amish tv stand, the list goes on – our huge selection of living room furniture could be exactly what you’ve been looking for to create the living room of your dreams for your family and friends to feel comfortable in, relax in, have fun in, and just be together in.

Get started finding the best living room furniture to create that warm, welcoming, friendly living room environment you’ve always wanted today by browsing any of our amish furniture living room styles, individual pieces, or entire amish living room sets that can be viewed by going here.

Or if you have any questions, contact us by filling out the contact form here or call us at 586-323-4895 and one of our amish living room furniture experts will gladly answer any and all of your questions.  Cheers to making many more fun family living room memories!

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