We’re often asked what is best for someone’s dining or kitchen chair: Which is better? A wooden seat or a cushion seat? The answer isn’t as simple as saying one or the other. The answer boils down to a combination of different factors. Is this going to be a everyday chair? Are kids or pets involved? Does the chair look better to you with a wooden seat or cushion seat? All of these factors are valid points when it comes to deciding to what works best for you. In this article will cover these and other factors to help determine whether a wooden seat or cushion seat is better.

1. The Look

Let’s start with a fairly simple thing we can obverse. Not all wooden seats are the same but anytime we add a cushion seat to a chair they will come with a fairly standard looking cushion seat. You can see in our example we have the Sherwood Chair with both a wooden seat and cushion seat. What helps a cushion seat is the extra layer it can add to the chair. Whether it be a patterned fabric or solid color leather, the cushion seat helps add a dimension that usually a wooden seat can not unless done in two different tones.

For this, we will still chalk this one up to personal preference. Table sets can look great with either a wooden seat or cushion. Some sets look even better one way or the other. For these reasons we leave this one open for interpretation.

2. How it Feels

What most would consider to be one of the more important factors and that is what feels better: A wooden seat or cushion seat. Now, most would say a cushion seat feels better and more the better part they are not wrong. A cushion seat adds an extra layer of comfort with it’s plush foam and spring supported bottom. The one aspect most do not take into account, especially with how Amish furniture is made, is the lumbar back most chairs feature.

When you add a cushion seat to any chair you’re raising that seat up by roughly 1 inch. By doing this you are changing how your back will now hit that lumbar. This can truly make or break a chair. While most chairs benefit from having a cushion seat, it can be just as detrimental to others. Our rule of thumb is cushion seats are more recommend on chairs that do not feature any lumbar. This is because since the chair does not have somewhere you can relieve stress on your back you naturally want to exert the stress downwards. By having a cushion seat this helps relieve that stress. With a lumbar back you’ll relieve the stress from seating into the back of the chair.

We recommend when choosing a chair to take into consideration the lumbar back when deciding the seat. A chair without any lumbar support is always recommended to have a cushion seat for extra comfort unless the design of your set looks best without one.

3. Longevity

The winner right out of the gate for longevity is a wooden seat. A cushion seat will always need to be replaced at some point in the future whether that be 5 years down the road or 15 years. The upholstery and cushion will start to wear down with the more use it sees. Wooden seats need very little maintenance making them more ideal for everyday use. In turn they will outlast a cushion almost every single time. Cushion seats are more prone to accidents such as a pet clawing at the material or a kid spilling a drink on it. If you’re looking for a piece that is going to stand the test of time we highly recommend a wooden seat. 


While each have their own benefits the decision is ultimately yours. Each scenario is different from person-to-person, home-to-home. While a wooden seat works best for some it might not be the best choice for others; the same goes with a cushion seat. We encourage weighing your options and the different factors we’ve covered so you can make the best informed decision. Amish furniture is renowned for it’s long lasting quality. We want to ensure that the decision you ultimately make will be one you can be happy with for years to come.

Be sure to leave a comment below with type of seat you like or if you would like any advice in making your decision.

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