Quick quiz: what’s the difference between a Craftsman and a Country House? Are Cottages and Farmhouses synonyms or completely different styles? Who knows, right? Well you’re in luck because we do.

If you’ve been scratching your head at what kind of style fits inside your house, then listen up. We came up with this guide to help you. Here’s a taste:

Traditional Leg Table

Country Style

Or as we call it: Country Bumpkin. This style fits best into homes that are out in more rural areas such as the country side. The most common look for this is Oak with a Honey stain. There are more modern types of country homes though. These are usually consistent with two-toning your piece of furniture to add more variety into your pieces. The most common styles for homes like these are:

  • Traditional
  • Hoosier
  • Bent Feather / Paddle

There are more modern versions of country style as well. These typically consist of using a more subtle grain wood, such as hickory, and applying a slightly darker stain than honey. Using any rustic type wood amplifies this look.

Kalispel Table

Modern Style

These homes came into vogue mid-century and feature lower roofs, horizontal orientation and large fireplaces. They’re sleek and clean-lined and often use materials like wood and marble. More contemporary pieces of furniture work the best in these homes. Some can be slightly more abstract than most styles but they add a bit of class into the home. Here are some examples:

Most furniture typically found in modern homes have little to no grain. Oak may still be present but usually found in areas like flooring or stair rails. End tables, kitchen tables, beds ,etc are usually made out of smoother woods such as a Maple or Cherry wood.


Bent Paddle Dining ChairCottage Style

Cottages offer smaller space and each one requires a different take on what style works best. If you have a cottage out in the woods, the style will be much more different than one by the beach.

Cabin / Cottage in the woods

The best kind of furniture that matches are the ones that are make out of hickory (as shown). Log furniture plays into the nature theme. If you’re not a fan of the nature look, the country look is the 2nd best.

Cottage by the beach

The look can sway dependent on exactly where the cottage is located at and by what body of water. Ones that are more near a rocky shore or even by a light house, you can easily go with a creamy white color with some distressing on to give it a real antique look.

If your cottage is more by a sandy beach, the shutter door look works better. Modern types of furniture work well in these kind of cottages.

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