No matter what you hear, the simple fact is that solid wood furniture represents a superior product. Veneer pieces can represent an okay choice if you plan to use them for a short period of time before discarding them. But solid wood is a durable and beautiful option that keeps on giving for years.

Here are seven reasons you should choose solid wood.

1. Solid Wood is More Durable

Solid wood simply lasts longer. Of course, you have to take care of your solid wood. If you do, you can turn a piece of furniture into a long-lived family heirloom. When you think about ancient furnishings that are still around, odds are it is made out of solid wood. That is because solid wood can last for centuries.

Most manufacturers of solid wood, like the Amish, know that their products represent longevity, not fads. That is why most solid wood creations tend to have timeless styles. When a particular design goes out of style, you can rest assured that your real wood piece will still be around and still look appealing.

The reason for solid wood’s durability is its tolerance for refinishing. Wood is a solid and strong medium to work with. Over time, with proper care, it will remain that way. Besides, a piece of furniture made from solid wood is something that you would want to take care of and keep around.

2. Solid Wood Has More Personality and Character

Over time, your solid wood piece will seem like an old family member in your home. It will age, but not in a bad way. It will remain a solid and noticeable part of your home. By comparison, lighter, veneer covered particle board can chip, dent and become an eyesore.

Even when solid wood does develop wear or bumps, it often just adds to the character of the piece. It does not become an eyesore and it does not become something you have to hide.

Besides, if your wood furniture should ever wear or tarnish, there is another major benefit to solid wood.

3. Solid Wood is Easy to Clean and Maintain

A regular wipe down with some wood cleaner is really all it takes to keep your furnishings looking nice. Moisture and dust are the biggest threats to your solid wood. But it is not hard to keep the wood dry and wipe down dust.

4. Solid Wood Transforms Spaces

Solid wood stands out. It adds a certain something to any room that it is in. There is an elegance to wood that no one can truly copy. That is why Amish craftsmanship is so highly praised. Even cold, modern interior designs like to add solid wood to the décor. That is because designers understand the transformative nature of a solid wood piece.

5. Solid Wood Pieces are Unique

Even if the looks are similar, there are no two pieces of solid wood furniture that are precisely alike. The grain of the wood is unique. That means any solid wood piece that you purchase is the only piece of its kind.

Think about that. You are the only person on the planet that owns that particular grain pattern.

6. Solid Wood Can Become New Again

One of the really interesting things about solid wood is that its durability allows for alteration over time. You can sand it, paint it, or stain it. You can modify its edges and corners. You can literally turn a piece of solid wood into a brand new piece of furniture. You can also completely refinish it.

It goes a little deeper than that as well. Remember that solid wood is also recyclable. It can become a new product altogether. It can become a part of another structure. It will decompose. Your wood furniture can become reclaimed wood. From there it can become a part of any number of other projects.

7. Solid Wood is a Better Value In the Long Run

All of the benefits of solid wood leads to a higher initial price point. You pay for craft, you pay for superior materials, and you pay for durability. However, it is those same things that make solid wood a much better value. You do not buy solid wood furniture for a season. You buy it because it is going to last for many, many years.

Veneers have their place, but it is really solid wood that stands out for most people. The solid wood will last, the veneer piece simply will not. You can pay for a single, high-quality piece, or you can pay several times over for something less.

There are many benefits besides. And while some veneer pieces look nice, they simply do not have the elegance, class, and pedigree of a solid wood piece. The Amish and other solid wood manufacturers create things that you simply cannot get rid of on a whim. They create pieces of art that you have no choice but to admire.

2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Furniture

  1. Max Sayer says:

    I’m glad you mentioned that solid wood is better value in the long run. My parents kept telling me to buy solid wood and it has paid off several times. I’m glad I now get to pass this information on to my kids.

  2. Bethany Birchridge says:

    I like how you mentioned that solid wood is pieces are unique, so they can really add personality to an environment. A lot of my relatives love to go hunting, so I think they would like some log furniture; I think it would go great with a lot of their cowboy-inspired decor. Thanks so much for sharing the benefits of solid wood furniture!

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