We ran an article not to long ago mentioning the top 5 misconceptions about our furniture. In it, we went over things such as price of our furniture, how it is made, the length it takes to get the furniture, etc. There is one we left out on purpose because it’s to big to be in a top X list and that is people get the idea that since the Amish are Old World, all of their furniture is styled that same way. Well I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case.

Not everything they make looks old

Now we completely get how people get this idea. We work hand and hand with old world Amish. When we say old world, we mean old world (no electricity of any kind, horse and buggy, can’t have their picture taken). The thing people tend to get the wrong idea is that since they’re old world, all of their styles are going to reflect that. That isn’t the case at all. A lot of our builders actually build quite a bit of contemporary furniture. They also build the old world style. Will that style ever go away? Probably not.

Traditional Sleigh Bed
Traditional Sleigh Bed


One thing we try to drive home to people is we can make an old piece look modern and then flip it and make a modern piece look old. The two biggest factors on how to make a piece look old or new is the type of wood and color it is made of.

Wood such as your oaks (red oak and quarter-sawn white oak) and hickory are going to give it a more classic look. If you go with your maples (brown and hard maple) or cherry, you are able to give the furniture a bit more of a modern look. Now color plays an important part in any wood you choose. This helps give it the look of old or new. Let’s take a look at a couple examples of what we’re talking about.

Something old and something new

To the right we have our Wethersfield Single Pedestal table. You can tell by it’s fluted base that is has style that is more traditional than modern. However, the way it has been styled give it more a elegant modern feel. It has a hard maple top giving it a smoother grain compare to oak which has big wavy grains. Oak is also usually associated with a more traditional look.

This is just one example of giving something with a traditional look a more modern style.

Wethersfield Dining Table


The Amish also make modern styled furniture

While a good majority of our builders specialize in more of a traditional look, they also create modern pieces of furniture. We have a few examples of our contemporary furniture below.

Solid Wood Furniture Hilton Collection
Hilton Bedroom Collection

Georgetown Dining Table
Georgetown Dining Table

Westmere Live Edge Bedroom Set
Westmere Live Edge Bedroom Set


Each of these are all crafted by our Amish builders and are very contemporary furniture pieces. The Amish are starting to catch on that they need to adapt and make more modern furniture to appeal to a modern audience. On the flip side, all of these contemporary furniture pieces can also make it look more traditional. If we were to make the Caledonia sofa, for example, out of oak rather than brown maple and give it more of a golden brown color, it would change that look completely.

Don’t let the picture fool you

When it comes to our solid wood furniture, it is all customizable. Your piece will be unique to you and you have a better chance at winning the power ball before someone gets the exact same furniture piece as you. Picking out that right piece for you can be a tad tricky sometimes. Since our furniture can be customized in so many ways, it is almost impossible to have a picture of every possible way it can be styled. You’re going to have to use your imagination for the most part.

Our builders are kind enough to give at least a staged picture of the furniture. What most get stuck at though is they see the picture and keep coming back thinking that is exactly how they’ll get it. That is not the case at all! You have complete control over how it will look. So when we show someone a piece the builder decided to make look more traditional, people get the misconception that is just a traditional piece. When in reality we can change it up to the point where it looks more modern.

Don’t let the pictures fool you! Most of the furniture you are seeing can be crafted in such a way it can be either traditional or modern looking.

We hope this helps anyone who had the idea that all Amish furniture is old world. Feel free to leave us your comment below and be sure to sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals.

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