We have people who come to us looking for furniture with the wrong ideas already in there of what they are getting. It is a unfortunate truth. These ideas include on how quickly they will get their furniture to who exactly is making their furniture. So in order to squash these negative notions, we came up with a list of the top 5 misconceptions about our furniture. This way, people will have a better understanding of what they are getting and why these bad ideas/notions are necessarily that bad. Let’s start with number one then.

Number 1: The price of your furniture is too high!

This is the number one misconception of our furniture is the initial sticker shock most get when viewing our furniture. The main reason for the sticker shock is the fact most are so use to the cheap material being used on most modern furniture. Most modern furniture is made from veneer. Veneer wood is a imported wood and is made from thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 3 mm (1/8 inch), making it a very flimsy wood.

This makes veneer cheap since there is very little wood involved. It is also heavily manufactured cutting down the labor costs involved. However, the attentive detail involved is lost since it is all machined made. When most come to us looking for quality furniture, they are stunned by our price. People lose the fact they are paying for the quality in the furniture first and most. They are so used to imported material and the fact is machine made they don’t understand why the price is the way it is.

The reasons for our prices is that our furniture is heirloom quality. You are paying for the quality and the attention to detail that our builders give all of our furniture. Our furniture is also made from solid woods, usually measuring to be 1 inch thick. This makes it both highly durable and built to last. We try to help people afford our furniture by offering the 50% initial deposit. This way you can have your order started and then just pay off the rest when it’s about to be shipped. Examples of quality products costing more than their competitors would be Apple to Microsoft or Rolls-Royce to Toyota. Why would you buy something that you know won’t last just to get it replaced a year or two down the road when you could have gotten something that will last you a lifetime?

Number 2: Do the Amish really make this?

All of our furniture is hand crafted by our skillful Amish builders. People come into our showroom asking if we are Amish and if we are the ones making our furniture. Unfortunately, we are not as talented as our builders when it comes to building our furniture. We also have people confusing the different sections of Amish as well. These builders have years of experience under their belts and are all tremendously talented craftsmen.

Number 3: What exactly is your furniture made out of?

As mentioned above, all of our furniture is made from solid hard woods. This makes our furniture very durable. We do offer a range of wood types.

“This furniture is built like a Sherman tank!”

– Local customer

There are some drawbacks on some, but they don’t effect the quality of your furniture. Examples would be not to use Brown Maple wood on a table since it is a pretty light solid wood and is prone to dents. We want to provide the best furniture we possibly can. The drawback for us though is you only need to buy it once!

Number 4: Is takes WAY too long for your furniture!

This is probably one of our biggest complaints we get about our furniture. With the way technology has modify our way of life, information being sent over large spans of land in mere seconds, people want that in other aspects in their life. The need to have something they want now has become to much of a norm. Our favorite phrase to say here is “We’re only as fast as our slowest builder.”

Since our furniture is actually hand crafted, it does take time to build your furniture. The reason why most other furniture manufactures can have their furniture made so quickly is they are machine crafted. There’s another phrase we like to mention to people who don’t like the wait time: When things don’t happen right away. Just remember that it takes 6 months to build a Rolls-Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota. Which one would you rather have?

Number 5: Do I need to baby my furniture?

No! That is one of our favorite things about our furniture. We use what is called a Standard Catalyzed Varnish. Catalyzed varnish has become the standard when durability and ease of use are both required. Catalyzed varnish tends to be more durable than lacquers, pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed lacquers. This helps keep the quality of our furniture. Some examples of the durability of our finish is the fact you can put a sweaty glass of water on it without worries or take a pot of boiling hot water and let it go to room temperature with no damage at all!

Have any more questions about how our furniture is made, the durability of it, or just want to say hi? Feel feel to leave a comment below!

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